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Kissimmee JCF


Who We Are

If your child is a resident at the Kissimmee JCF high risk secure residential commitment program for sex offenders, he has been assigned to this program by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice after being adjudicated by the court. Kissimmee is operated exclusively for the State of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. Kissimmee, with an operating capacity of 50 youth, provides comprehensive, challenging and safe services for adolescent males ages 13 to 21 who have displayed inappropriate sexual behavior or committed a sexual offense.

Address: 2330 New Beginnings Rd., Kissimmee, FL 34744
Phone: (407) 348-4218

How We Help

Young men referred to this program may have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder:

  • A Paraphilia, such as pedophilia
  • Conduct Disorder
  • Depressive Disorders
  • Mood Disorders
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Adjustment Disorder
  • Substance Abuse

Our mission is the healing and restoration of children and their families. Every resource at our disposal is directed toward this purpose. Our efforts are always governed by the principles of honor, respect, teamwork, responsibility, accountability and honesty.

Our goal is to eliminate behaviors which have contributed to the delinquency of the adolescents in our care, and to promote behavior and competencies that encourage pro-social change, self-growth, and law abiding behavior.

Residents’ goals are to:

  • Eliminate criminal and inappropriate behaviors
  • Develop pro-social values
  • Develop skills necessary to become productive, contributing members of society
  • Fully develop academic, vocational, social and personal potential
  • Develop sensitivity to the impact of their behavior on others and to accept full responsibility for their behavior
  • Gain a sense of mastery and control in life, acquire a positive self image, and develop the ability to be empathetic and caring
  • Work with others within norms and standards to achieve goals and to help others to succeed
  • Recognize negative influence and develop self discipline and control, as well as problem solving and decision making and coping skills, and work to develop relationship-building skills


  • Structured sexual offender process group therapy
  • Individualized treatment
  • Education sessions focusing on the psychological factors of the offender, victim impact/empathy, and human sexuality
  • Structured therapeutic recreational activities
  • Resident and parent participation in treatment reviews
  • Alcohol and drug awareness programs

The use of a Positive Peer Culture (PPC) empowers residents of the program to make changes by learning from each other, to improve social skills and help them become positive leaders of their peers. Adolescents tend to listen to each other more than to adults and the PPC promotes behavior modification wherein youth challenge and change each other with the supervision and guidance of program staff.


Kissimmee School is a private, accredited academic institution staffed by certified teachers. All residents attend classes earning credits for their high school diploma, as well as receive vocational training to help them with real world job opportunities upon release.

Our Greatest Strength

Our greatest strength is drawn from the warm, caring and loving environment provided by staff members, clinicians and teachers. Our program is different because the behavior management and treatment components work together to ensure the youth receive the best treatment available. Our culture is based on positive reinforcement, and we hold Family Fun Days throughout the year and have an Annual Winter Harvest to encourage family involvement and promote family reunification.