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Sexual Promiscuity


Sexual promiscuity is a risky behavior at any age. Teen sexual promiscuity is a warning sign that your family should take seriously. This behavior can be a cry for help from a troubled child.

Sexual Promiscuity

Children who engage in sexual promiscuity often use this behavior to mask other serious issues:

Many children who engage in sexually promiscuity suffer from low self-esteem. This can be caused by depression, anxiety or myriad other issues.

Children can also use this behavior as a display of defiance to the family. In some cases, sexual promiscuity can be a warning sign of abuse issues. The key to treating teenage sexual promiscuity is to look past the behavior and address the underlying issues that cause it.

Three Springs' positive peer culture is an integral part of our program. Working in small groups with peers, teens begin to understand why they act out sexually and the consequences of this behavior. They then learn to adopt positive, non-destructive ways of dealing with their emotions.

In addition, Three Springs individual and group counseling helps teens address the underlying issues that lead to sexually promiscuity.